Sunday, February 8, 2015

I've neglected the blog for a couple of days. From now on, I'll post weekly (I'm leaning towards doing it on Sundays since that happens to be the day that I have the most time. If that changes, I'll be sure to post the changes.) Depending on what happens during the week, if time allows, I might be able to add a new post, but for now, look for posts every Sunday! :) That being said, it's about time I fill you in on what's going on...

Glory to God, I've survived my first month in Paris! It came quicker than expected, however, I've had all of the mishaps you'd expect...getting lost, taking the wrong metro, not understanding a thing someone says to me in French (yes, even after 6 years of studying the language!)....however, I am working on all of them. I'm adjusting and I've really been enjoying my "sejour" so far.

There are a few things that are still taking some accustomed to however. The main ones for me are 1. the metro and 2. the fact that no one smiles or even says hello on the street.

Coming from Los Angeles where our public transit is only recently starting to grow, I have had a bit of trouble adjusting to the metro. I miss the convenience of my car, of knowing where I'm going, heck, of SEEING where I'm going lol. Not to mention, the metro isn't the cleanest of places. :-/ I'm not used to having to travel with so many other people. I especially dislike it in the morning when I have no desire to see people yet I'm squished between non-smiling strangers who I nearly have to scream "PARDON" at so I can get out at my exit. I must admit though, it sure does beat having to pay for gas.

Also, no one smiles on the streets here. In both Jamaica and California (my homes), when walking on the street, you say "Hello", "How are you" "Hi" in order to be polite...and you say it with a smile. HERE, no. you just walk. Keep it pushing. Try not to bump into the other person, but if you do, mumble a "pardon" or "excusez-moi" and KEEP IT PUSHING. I still forget that sometimes and say "bonjour"in a fairly enthusiastic Californian way, however, my bonjour is not returned with the same, if any, enthusiasm lol. This simple thing has been by far one of the hardest to get used to. Los Angeles is a big city, but little interactions like saying hi or acknowledging's someone's presence with a smile makes it seem a little smaller. Paris, in stark contrast, just seems bigger and bigger.

Who knows, maybe by May I'll be one of the non-smiling, metro users. Integrating back into the LA lifestyle will be interesting...

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