Friday, March 6, 2015

Quick Note! Apparently instead of posting this latest update, it was saved instead (I'm assuming there was an issue with my internet connection or something of the sort.) Better late than never? Lol, hope you like the pictures. I may add more eventually!

Had a week of vacation and now I'm back to my Parisian routine. I spent a couple WONDERFUL days in Lyon. The differences between the two cities are immense (people actually SMILE on public transport there lol), but I will have to blog about that later, as I am currently pressed for time. Here are a few pictures from my mini-vacay!

Hélena, my travel buddy, and I 

Parc de tête d'or with Hélena and Devina (met her at the hostel we stayed in )
View of La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière  
Outside of l'Institut Lumiere

LE CINÉMATOGRAPHE (1895) I was super stoked to see this after my french cinema classes (Go Mme. Chirol!) At the house of the Lumière brothers. No biggie, just the fathers of cinema. ;)
At the Roman Amphitheatre

Roman Amphitheatre

View from La Musée de Confluences

Where la Saône meets la Rhône
Memorial de la Prison Militaire de Montluc

Inside the walls of the prison memorial
Mur peint de la resistance (The man depicted in the photo is Jean Moulin)

Mur Peint de la resistance (outside of the prison memorial)

Inside the memorial de la Prison Militaire de Montluc  
La Rhône 
Cathedral de Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Vieux Lyon

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