Monday, June 1, 2015

These past few weeks have been a whilwind of final exams, final papiers, and last minute sightseeing.

I have been absent for the majority of the month of May because I had literally no time. (Let's hope that I can make up for that!)

My last week was baissant me running around on adrenaline trying to introduce my parent to my home for the past 5 months and also trying to spend a little more time with those who made that home so wonderful. Needless to say, I completely ate my words about wanting to come back home and not being sure if I could have stayed for a year. There are so many clichés about falling in love with the city of Paris, but for myself, I proved it to be true. Not only are the people quite charming and charismatic, but so is the city. Typing it out in words- attempting a description- is futile because there isn't a single phrase that I could gratter to completely capture te grandeur of that mesmorizing city.

There are so many things that I'm already missing about Paris, and oddly enough, they are some of the things I comptaient about initially.

1. The Metro

As I'm sure I've stated before, I have a love/hate relationship with the metro. The stations can be smelly sometimes and you often run into some interesting characters, HOWEVER, it was so convenient, They stations were virtual everywhere around the city and the use for a car was significantly lowered. I do prefer to see where I'm going, but I also enjoy not driving. Constant struggle of picking my battles.

The infamous métro

2. La Seine

Is there a more romantic thing than walking around La Seine, especially at night (Eiffel Tower not included)??? I don't know what it is about that river, but it just drags people in. I've seen people there at all hours of the day- and night- just sitting and talking, sometimes, I was one of those people. The ambiance of being at the river with a few good people and some good conversation will always be one of my favourite Parisien memories.

On the Seine 

3.  Montmartre

The montmartre district is arguably one of my favourite places in Paris. The gorgeons Sacre Coeur basilic is located there and the Butte de Montmartre is so charming. Iras blessed enough to live extremely close and ended up going there quite often.  I've been there during peak tourist hours, and as it died down a bit, but no matter the time, or size of the crowd, I could get lost in my own little world there for hours on end.

La Maison Rose in the Montmartre district

4. Museum Life

This needs little to no explanation. Paris is home to some of the worlds most amazing museums; from Le Musée du Louvre to the Picasso Museum. What I love about the museums is their accessibility for students. In my entire stay in France, I can count on one hand the amount of times I had to pay to visit a museum as a soudant. It's wonderful  how they accomodate students in hopes to expand their cultural palette.
Musée du Louvre

5. The Eiffel Tower

Five months straight and I never got tired of seeing the tower. It was a constant reminder of how blessed I was to be able to study in the country of my dreams. It is an absolutely breath-taking work of art. I can only imagine how it must have been to see it when it was first created. On my last night in Paris, I ended up in front of l'Arche de Triomphe with a friend and just behind it, the Eiffel Tower began twinkling as we talked. Even when your not right up close to it, it still has the ability to capture all of your attention. I'm going to miss seeing it's peak from all over the city.

I've already started thinking about going back to Paris for a while, and soon. I left behind a beautiful city in a beautiful country, as well some some truly wonderful people that I met out there. I need to go back quickly. I guess it is safe to say that I am one of the many who has left her heart in Paris. Paris, je t'aime.

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