Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I have been extremely tired at the most random of times these last two days. All a part of getting used to the time difference I guess~

SO. I'm starting to get more comfortable walking around the neighborhood because I've figured out how to get myself back home when I'm done (my sense of direction vanished completely once my flight left Los Angeles.) I'm starting to recognize the buildings and how to get to such and such metro location, and various short cuts. Yay me! I'm still, however, terribly far from where I would like to be. All in due time...

Also, I miss my friends and family. Not to the point where I'm ready to hop on a red-eye and roll back into the Golden State, but I'm beginning to realize just how lonely a place these crowded streets can be. I have yet to get over my shy habits, so making friends is going to be quite the feat here. It's extremely different from Los Angeles where you just smile at the person next you and a few minutes later, you're talking. I've got my work cut out for me *nervous laughter*

I owe you all some pictures...let me go get those together.

À bientôt, mes amis!

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