Saturday, January 17, 2015

I'ss getting easier and easier for me to get around Paris, although for some reason, when it's time to go right, I go left, and vice versa. I'm always in the correct general area, but just a little turned around. :-/

I went on a boat ride on the Seine River today, it was absolutely beautiful! I took dozens of pictures, but I'll only post a few on here. 

While on that boat ride, I'm pretty sure I froze off an appendage *insert eye roll of the century*. I'm coming from Southern California and Jamaica, two places known for the warm sun and hot climates, so the cold is 10x worse for me. I hope I start to get used to it soon. 

And lastly, I met my older host brother last night (he's finally feeling better!) and he seems pretty nice so far. AND I heard some dancehall mixes he was playing in his room last night. Brownie points for you sir.

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