Thursday, January 15, 2015


Today I stayed home because I was feeling pretty sick (sore throat, slight fever, sinus pressure, the works! It's been budding since Monday/Tuesday). Consequently, I missed tonight's dinner (which isn't obligatory, at least, I surely hope I wasn't!). (Mistake #1, I didn't tell them I was sick. In my defense, it was because I thought there was nothing to do today, except for tonight's dinner.)

Apparently that's not all I missed.

Earlier this week when I went to the program's headquarters, I signed up in different time slots for various orientation sessions for this week. Like a good student, I went to all of them (except for one about history classes which I accidentally signed up for thinking I was going to take a history class...I'm not.) HOWEVER, due to a letter I received today that I noticed this evening after being in and out of sleep due to the medicine I took, I noticed that I overlooked these "Atelier d'écriture writing info classes which began on Tuesday...OOPS. I missed Tuesday's class and Wednesday's class because I didn't realize they were happening, and today's class because I didn't realize it was happening AND the fever had me in bed all day. Despite going to their location every day this week for the other matters, I missed the class. As a result, I got an email from the assistant director (who is here for a while) and she did NOT seem pleased. In it, she let me know about my "MANDATORY obligations" and whatnot.... *le sigh*

I responded to her email (two responses) letting her know that I went to the orientation sessions I was supposed to go to, and apologized for not informing them about feeling ill (that was the first email). It wasn't until i read over the schedule that I realized Atelier d'écriture commenced on Tuesday and, to no one's fault but my own, I was absent. After noticing, I quickly typed up another email where I acknowledged the mistake, and again, apologized. But, boy did I feel horrible.

I prayed about it and there's not much else I can do but continue from here, pay closer attention to the details in the future, and hope they aren't too upset. For someone like me who tends to have her things together and in order, this was both infuriating and embarrassing, but hey, everyone makes mistakes. Can't, and won't, beat myself up over it.

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